Katie Ormerod’s world first double cork 1080

British snowboarder Katie Ormerod has become the first woman ever to land a backside double cork 1080

Night Fury, Niseko

If you haven’t already, watch Night Fury. It will get you amped to ride in Niseko.

I’m Laura – A four part web-series

IM LAURA {a new beginning} by Laura Enever from IM LAURA on Vimeo.

Im Laura is a new four part web-series documenting the adventures and antics of professional surfer Laura Enever. After a roller-coaster 2012 on tour Laura decided this year was time for a new chapter. An opportunity for self discovery, doing things a little differently and most importantly being a 21 year old girl.

Talking surf films with Taylor Steele

Chances are you probably know the name Taylor Steele from his inspiring surf films and beautiful Corona commercials. Taylor’s the guy who makes us want to drop everything to surf and travel. We have a love-hate relationship with him.

He has built a reputation as an influential surf film maker from his 20 years of travelling the world, following waves and making films. His latest baby “This Time Tomorrow” follows two surfers Rasta and Ando as they go on an exhausting 8-day journey to Tahiti, Mexico, California and Alaska to follow a storm cell through the Pacific Ocean. We caught up with Taylor in Melbourne after watching the film.

Where did the idea of the film come from? I’d been thinking about the idea for nearly ten years – a body boarder Mike Stewart did it in the early 90s, but he didn’t take a camera with him. After a few beers one night I started talking about the idea and then the pressure was on to do it.

Rasta and Ando are so loveable, how did you convince them to come along? I really got lucky with the cast. I convinced Craig at the last minute to come along. When we got to Tahiti it wasn’t what he was expecting.

What about the filming, did you come across any problems? When we got to Tahiti there was a competition on at the time so I couldn’t get any boats to go and film from, all my friends were booked out so we had to film from the land.

You really show the boys are exhausted in the film, what was it like for you as a film maker? When the boys went to sleep I had to book flights and plan the next part of our trip.

What about the technical part of the film, the cameras, sound, editing etc? We shot on a Red and a 7D. We just used the sound from the camera. We also used some Phantom footage and it took about two months to edit.

The film is showing at the moment in Australia and New Zealand at Hoyts Cinemas.

Intervals – Full Movie

“If you can find a good balance between being scared and pushing it, you’re always going to be learning and you’re always going to be improving.”

INTERVALS is a bunch of badass girls getting after it. From the looks of it, these girls had the winter of their lives, as they definitely have the footage to prove it. Sit back, relax, and watch some progressive female riding on every end of the snowboarding spectrum. Enjoy. Featuring: Hana Beaman, Robin Van Gyn, Leanne Pelosi, Erin Comstock, Annie Boulanger, Megan Ginter, & more.

Action sport films at Hoyts plus a 2 for 1 pass.

Are you in Australia or New Zealand and stuck in the city so you can’t experience any of the excitement of the outdoors? Garage Entertainment and Red Bull Media House Sessions have joined together to bring the thrill to you.

They are currently showing 12 of the best action sports films of 2012. Films are on every Sunday and Monday from the 17th of June through til the 18th if November. 

For more info Click here


Print this pass to receive 2 for the price of 1 adult tickets.


June 24 – 25 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm Attack Of La Nina Ski
July 1 – 2 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm One Touch Ocean / Paddle
July 8 – 9 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm One Touch  
July 15 – 16 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm Strength In Numbers Mountain Bike
July 22 – 23 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm Strength In Numbers  
July 29 – 30 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm White Silk Road Snowboard
August 5 – 6 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm 00000;”>White Silk Road  
August 12 – 13 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm El Mar, El Alma Surf
August 19 – 20 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm El Mar, El Alma  
August 26 – 27 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm Congo Outdoor / Kayak
September 2 – 3 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm Congo  
September 9 – 10 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm Fighting Fear (Event) / Nightrider (Hoyts) Surf
September 16 – 17 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm Fighting Fear (Event) / Nightrider (Hoyts)  
September 23 – 24 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm Raw Surf
September 30 – Oct 1 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm Raw  
October 7 – 8 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm Where The Trail Ends Mountain Bike
October 14 – 15 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm Where The Trail Ends  
October 21 – 22 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm This Time Tomorrow Surf
October 28 – 29 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm This Time Tomorrow  
November 4 – 5 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm Art Of Flight 3D Mountain Bike
November 11 – 12 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm Art Of Flight 3D  
November 18 – 19 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm Bending Colours Surf
November 25 – 26 Sun 4pm, Mon 7pm Bending Colours

Mint Chicks: the making of

It was Autumn in 2010, I sat at my computer tucked away in a bleak office in the city. I would occasionally look across at my boss who thought she owned me. She thought I was immersed in an Excel spreadsheet, but actually I was searching for new snowboarding destinations. I was like many others around the globe who spend more time thinking about living than they actually live!

I started daydreaming of an all girls snowboarding progression camp in New Zealand and I emailed an itinerary to Jarred (creator of Mint Tours). Jarred had been working in the snow community for more than a decade. In his younger years he maintained his Queenstown snowboarding lifestyle by delivering pizza in the snow, constantly getting towed out of ditches in his crappy car. “The worst job was in Canada, it was cleaning kitchen grease traps while it was puking outside,” he says. Luckily he stepped it up a notch and joined the park crew which he likes to drop into conversations the most and more recently he judges snowboarding events. He’s an honest, chilled and professional guy with a lot of information in his head. He’s the “get me out of the city and take me to the snow” go-to-guy in Melbourne.

So I asked him online, while I was still tucked away in the office, “Can you make my dreams come true?” Great Itinerary, he said, but I’ve tried to run girls camps in the past and I couldn’t get enough girls on board (no pun intended). Fuckers! I guess that meant I had to find some numbers. Any girl I met whilst snowboarding I invited along. Black, white, fat or skinny – it didn’t matter. Heaps were enthusiastic, but one got pregnant and others were drawn to alternative locations.

Come summer time Jarred was ecstatic when he had confirmed more numbers and a female coach for us at Snow Park. Fi Duncan was her name. It was only once I hung out with Fi that I realised how lucky we were to have her. Fi is a travel queen and free spirit. She has surfed and snowboarded all over the planet. Back in her prime time, she was a snowboard competitor and an instructor, but a harsh knee injury changed her life voyage slightly. Now Fi is a passionate Pilates teacher and a dedicated surf coach.

Fi remembers, eight years ago when she was an instructor at Concrete Peak Coronet Peak. She would go into the offices and try to push for all-girl events. “I guess we were just at the forefront of it all,” Fi says. Coronet’s management didn’t see the point in all-girl events and there wasn’t enough money in it back then either, but that didn’t stop Fi. Instead she travelled to Wanaka to run girls camps at Snow Park. Snow Park offers one thing and one thing only – it’s a resort for park riders. The entire resort is full of jumps, boxes, rails, a half pipe and a wall ride. It’s a great place for progression, which is why it’s used as a training ground throughout the snow season.

Back in her day, Fi coached camps at Snow Park with pro snowboarder and instructor Abby Lockhart. It was only once our chicks numbers had doubled that Abby’s name would become familiar to myself and the other Mint Chicks. She was the second coach in our playground.

August 2012. The camp began. Girls flocked from all over Australia from different backgrounds and occupations. One element pulled us all together – snowboard progression.

Claire Hopper, journalism student and Mint co-shredder sums the camp up nicely here. “Mint Chicks Tour was created for a sole reason; to bring Aussie snowboarding girls together. Their desire to do something so unique and groundbreaking, together with our basic desire to simply ride with other chicks, meant this week-long tour in New Zealand was not only bursting with unforgettable and hilariously girly moments, but also full of the encouragement and support us females need to give each other in this once male-dominated sport. We not only nailed some awesome new tricks and techniques during our tour, we formed snow-bound friendships and finally found those chicks we’d always be looking for.

Cassie De Colling caught the rest with her camera.

 Note – Anything written or viewed in this blog can not be held against me or others.

Pictures by Alexandra Volk, Cassie De Colling, Tamie Wexler and Mint Tours.

By Tamie Wexler

 Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. Albert Einstein.

Oi Mate! A new series from the land down under

Boardworld and Olliepop Films present ‘Oi Mate!’ – a new series from the land down under.

Proudly supported by Forum Snowboards, FYVE Snowboards, Mint Tours, Rhythm Snowboard Shop and Perisher.

This time the crew got real busy. Waking up before sunrise and shooting after the sun went down, all in the name of chasing pow, hitting handrails, sending perfect park jumps and having a bloody good time while doing it! We teamed up with the photographers from AUS & NZ Snowboarding Mag for exclusive photo shoots, some of which you can see in their latest issue, on shelves right now in all good news agencies AUS and NZ wide.

Resorts: Perisher, Falls Creek and Thredbo

Riders: Jye Kearney, Jeremy Burns, Mat Galina, Jed Davidson, Troy Storrock, Louis Macindoe, Paul Edwards, Harley Trivic, Sean Thompson, Greg Murray, Billy Hayman, Reuben Cameron, Charlie Steinbacher and Iver Lynne.

Big thanks to Chriso and Alex @ Australia & NZ Snowboarding Mag for organising the Perisher sunset shoot.

Camera 1: Jeremy Richardson

Animation: Luke Mallinson @ Giraffe, Visual Communications Management.


White Silk Road

WHITE SILK ROAD tells the story of three Australian snowboarders who travelled to Afghanistan to carry the sport across new frontiers. In one of the most dangerous parts of the world, they discovered incredible mountains, breathtaking landscapes, and heartwarming communities of hospitable people.

In February 2012, Clint Allan, Nick Gregory and Mitch Allan embarked on a trip that would change the way they viewed the world. They travelled to the town of Bamyan, in central Afghanistan, to explore the untouched peaks of the mighty Hindu Kush. Along the way they dodged riots, landmines, bombs and kidnappers to discover a side of the country usually ignored by the western media.

The spectacular natural beauty of Bamyan has endured through centuries of violence, and a culture of hospitality and optimism in the communities has prevailed through the previous decades of conflict. The snow-capped peaks of the Hindu Kush tower above the small town. All winter, they are covered in deep, dry powder. Most of them had never been ridden. With only their two legs to get them up the mountain, the snowboarders set about changing that.

In the foothills of the mountains, the riders met a small group of locals who had recently taken to the slopes with gumboots and wooden skis: forgetting the tribulations of the past and fostering a new tourist industry that could secure a brighter future. Clint, Mitch and Nick introduced them to snowboarding and helped them learn the fundamentals of a new sport and a new life.

Part snowboard film and part adventure documentary, White Silk Road will appeal to anyone with a desire to squeeze a little more out of life.

The Aussie Segal sisters meet Kiwi Kuzma sisters and they all rip!

Here’s what happens when our freeskiing Aussie Segal sisters meet the Kiwi Kuzma sisters in New Zealand’s Remarkables Range.

To watch the video you’ll have to click here over to ESPN.

Stay tuned for the 2012 World Heli Challenge.


Lara Bingle goes snowboarding in New Zealand

BANFF Mountain Film Festival

I went to the BANFF Mountain Film Festival last night and I was happy to see this little stunner had made the BANFF world tour.

All I can by Sherpas Cinema.

Even though it’s not a snow film, Kadoma was fantastic. This observational 40 minute documentary was beautifully told by the brotherhood of kayakers who traveled through the African streams.

Kadoma by Ben Stooksbury.

Also keep an eye out for C.A.R.C.A, a Canadian film about a Ski Patroller who is training cats to search for buried avalanche victims. It had me both in tears and stitches.

C.A.R.C.A by Adam Bailey

Perisher Skibum competition

Did you hear about the Perisher Skibum Competition? Entries have closed and Tamie made the finalists.

Please vote for her to blog for Perisher.

Benazir – short film

Benazir is just 6-years old and learning to snowboard. Have a look at how beautiful she is.

A pre-winter report for Coronet Peak, New Zealand

There’s just a month to go before Coronet Peak opens so it’s time to ask the question: have you booked your flights to Queenstown yet?


What it’s like to snowboard in Gulmarg

I took the day off from filming to go snowboarding, but Cassie followed me with the camera.

Surf by night

How nice is this?

Beneath The Boarder – The Film teaser

This is a story about Raja Khan a 16 year old Kashmiri boy and his dream to change his future through snowboarding. Raja is coming of age and pressure to make future decisions are quickly approaching. Growing up in the remote mountain village of Gulmarg, just five kilometers from The Line of Control, a place of intense conflict where thousands of lives have been lost since partition in 1947.

Ceasefire has existed in Kashmir for the last seven years, but suppression from the Indian military still remains. For young Kashmiri men limited education and work opportunities mean that the chances of picking up arms and fighting for freedom is an extremely real option.

In 2005 Gulmarg was put on the map as the worlds most dangerous place to ski. Not only because of the tense political climate, but also because of the high risk of deadly avalanches. Only diehard expert snowboarders and skiers explore the untouched 4000 meter Himalayan peaks behind Gulmarg.

Raja watches the men surfing down the snow covered mountains from his fathers thatched hut. He had never seen snowboarding before, but as the winters went by Raja met with some of the travelers and started to learn English and snowboarding.

Raja quickly realised that the sensation of flying down the mountains on a snowboard was just a small taste of freedom and he became hooked to this dangerous and exhilarating sport. He then made the decision that he would become Kashmir’s first professional snowboarder and use snowboarding to break free from his war-ravaged life.

It is virtually impossible for Kashmiri people to obtain a passport, living under the corruption of the 700,000 Indian Army who occupy Kashmir and whose troops have killed and tortured hundreds of innocent civilians. Raja’s father, a militant freedom fighter and local hero has protected his family and taught Raja how to defend himself from the attacks and skirmishes that occur without warning.

Devastating avalanches often occur due to the high amounts of snowfall and the terrain of the jagged mountains. Snowboarding is a genuine life threat. If you are trapped in an avalanche in Gulmarg, chances of survival are minute. The closest hospital, with limited trained staff, is two hours away via snow-blocked undeveloped roads. Getting caught in an avalanche can mean certain death.

Years of conflict has stained the people of Kashmir and moving forward is virtually impossible. After three generations of unsuccessful fighting for freedom, continuous suppression and bloodshed, the people of Kashmir are depressed. Many in the village hold the faith that the youth of Kashmir will change the future. Unlike Raja, Kashmiri people do not understand the liberty the sport brings and they discourage Raja’s dream. They believe it is dangerous game, a waste of time and they worry that he needs to start thinking about a real future. Raja is still determined to fight for his freedom through snowboarding, not killing.

In 2011 Andy Turland a well-accomplished and passionate snowboarder from Australia travels to Kashmir in search of the challenging terrain. Andy meets Raja and instantly a friendship is born. Andy takes Raja under his wing and helps to improve his skills. He gives him the confidence to follow his dreams to become a professional snowboarder.

Rajas younger sister Benazir has curiously been watching her brother learn to Snowboard. Benazir, although only six, begs her brother to teach her. Twice a week, under his father’s instruction Raja takes Benazir out to learn to snowboard. She is Kashmir’s first female to ride a snowboard.

This inspiring feature length minute documentary combines the art of storytelling and cinematic qualities to create a high-concept snowboarding film.

The film follows Raga’s fight to break free from the Indian army and a gridlocked society, whilst training to become Kashmir’s first professional snowboarder in some of the world’s most dangerous mountains.

For more information visit: http://www.beneaththeboarder.com

Contact: info@beneaththeboarder.com

A brief note on fear

Fear.  The Macquarie Dictionary defines it as a painful feeling of impending danger.

Of all people, surfers would understand it. It’s that familiar sensation of being paralyzed with anxiety.

Let’s face it, unless you’ve got some seriously heavy sack or you’re a mermaid, you’ve probably wanted to poop in your wetsuit at some stage. Maybe you’ve been frightened of having your thigh munched on by a shark, hitting your head on a reef, a big wave or all of the above.

I’m no expert. I haven’t made-out with a gnarly reef like Keala Kennelly, nor have I ridden waves like Layne Beachley. Though from my experience I know that on most occasions when I actually do conquer my fears, it’s hardly as bad as what my mind had originally made it out to be.

If you’re like me and you’re chicken wings do like to come out to play, remember that surfing is 80 per cent mental and you will only gain confidence through experience.

Nobody likes to go home feeling defeated with their tail between their legs. So instead, follow your breath a few times, commit and join in on the fun.

Some things just have to be shared…