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Earlier this week I decided to set myself a little challenge (it involved putting my wellness-nerd hat on). The challenge was to focus a little more self care into an area of my body that didn’t usually receive attention. I scanned my body for the right spot and very clearly my eyes were looking, no pun intended, for a little more love. Thinking about this in more detail, in nearly 30 years I really couldn’t believe I hadn’t given my eyes much self care, aside from smothering them in make-up. After all, your eyes are a super-hardworking organ. I turned to a few of my favourite expert websites to see what I could be doing more of. I’ve done the legwork for you and summarised some key areas below.

Wear Sunglasses

There are a ton of options out there with sunglasses. Basically look for a pair that protects you from the sun’s UV rays. You’ll find the SmartBuyGlasses website is a great secret weapon with quality options. You’ll likely be stopping the wrinkes later on in life too by protecting yourself from the outside elements.

Eat Your Greens. 

Raw Kale is one of the most potent lutein rich foods, which is important for good retina health. Not surprising, spinach and broccoli also have those essential vitamins and minerals, including lutein and zeaxanthin to keep your eyes healthy.

Opt for a natural mascara

Most of us think we’re pretty healthy. But that’s taking into consideration the foods we eat and not the chemicals we are putting onto our bodies. Most mascaras on the market contain some unhealthy chemicals like parabens (endocrine disruptors that have been linked to cancer), aluminum powder, propylene glycol and the list goes on… Do you really want to be putting these chemicals directly into your organs? I opt for Arbonne, it’s vegan and cruelty free.

Amp up the lighting situation

If you can, turn off the fluorescent lighting and instead use lamps with full spectrum light bulbs, especially at work. Fluorescent lights are known to increase stress and mental fatigue as well as strain your eyes and cause headaches. Full-spectrum light bulbs can help remedy this, increasing mental clarity and reducing eye strain.

Rest Your eyes

To help prevent eye strain rest your eyes from a computer or digital device every 20 minutes.

Stay Hydrated

Most of us don’t drink enough water to stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause a whole lot of health problems, but particularly with your eyes and vision.

In addition to the above, make a regular eye appointment with your local specialist!

glasses 2

We heart Instagram – 10 of our favourites to follow

This weekend we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite Instagram surf and snow accounts for you. Instagram is such a great place to take inspiration from. Get ready to become a snow and surf Instagram junkie – that’s if you’re not already!

And don’t forget to follow @nowripthis 

Who are your favourite Instagrams to follow at the moment?

Winter’s never been so hot! Mons Royale new merino range.

Promise that you’ll try to stay calm while you look.

feature-3 mons-royale-boyfriend-merino-long-sleeve-yellow_ab6b0719-0cb9-47bb-b3f7-574e392e78a2_1024x1024mons-royale-snow-merino-socks-grey--yellow_1024x1024mons-royale-merino-sweat-pants-black_c3686036-9383-4dc7-879d-7a6928ab776a_1024x1024feature-2(Oops how did this image get in here – from the Mons Men’s range. )mons-royale-original-merino-long-sleeve-black_55630b27-9889-4e91-b26f-3ef5ff422bbd_largemons-royale-merino-one-quarter-zip-pink_04e67622-d782-41a8-9b7f-25c21e3ed419_largebluelegsMons Royale is from our favourite place Wanaka, New Zealand. For more information or where to buy from take a look at the website

Think back a few years to First Love, the inspiring surf documentary from Cos We Can. Remember? Since then the ladies from Cos We Can, Clare Plueckhahn and Fran Derham have been busy working on this beautiful campaign. You’ve most likely already spotted the surf bikinis in the Rip Curl stores. But take a look at the remarkable footage featuring: Pauline Ado, Alana Blanchard, Nikki van Dijk, Tyler Wright and Bethany Hamilton.  prt_270x180_1382422421 





Make sure you watch this video on full screen.

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Vie Active, created in the beautiful Bondi Beach.

Can you imagine creating a life of happiness and energy? Living and breathing the ocean and the outdoors? Working with and meeting inspiring people who motivate and educate you every day? Sounds like dream living, hey?  This is the reality for mother of two girls and Vie Active Founder Noa Ries. We are very excited to introduce you to her today.

Noah Ries

What does living an active life mean to you Noa?

“Living a life of happiness and energy. It sounds so simple, but being fit and eating healthy makes me much happier and a more energetic person. These days with two kids and a thriving business in start-up mode, I need all the energy I can get!”

One afternoon Noa had an epiphany: Sheridyn-ABOUT_large

“To create an active fashion range after realising I was spending my life in activewear and I would often get to the end of the day feeling cold or clammy and really quite daggy!” We’ve been there before right girls!

“I set out on a mission to create a truly technical activewear that would enable me to do an intense workout, but would also be chic and stylish enough to wear all day long.”

Noa could go on and on, about her love for Merino wool:

“Vie Active started with the finest quality Merino wool – an incredibly unique fabric and the ultimate performance fibre: it is naturally temperature regulating, anti-microbial, shape retaining, moisture wicking, odor resistant. It’s not only super soft and breathable on your skin but it also allows you to be dry, stink-free and just as comfortable after the most demanding run, yoga, or boot-camp session.”

The Noa Foundation Jacket is Noa’s favourite item and it’s where Vie Active began..

jacket“I designed it with all the product features I wanted but couldn’t find. Awesome leopard print, thumbholes, concealed racerback for ventilation, windblocking collar, chunky zippered pockets!”

You’ve come along way, do you have a motto or mantra:

“If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much room. This is something my late father always used to say and it really resonates with me. I truly believe that it is important to constantly push yourself outside your comfort zone – boundaries are only set for safety or from fear. Break down your restrictive boundaries and make a point of testing them. Push against them. Break through them! Find your edge and be FEARLESS, for every accomplishment starts with a decision to try. Be bold. Be audacious. Be fearless.”

Noa’s not the only achiever behind Vie Active…  Bryan has put in the hard yards too. Bryan was raised in both France and the USA. He’s also a former competitive extreme skier and backcountry ski guide. Not to mention he’s a cyclist and a triathlete. (Calm down ladies!)

We didn’t interview Noa for her surfing or snowboarding, but being from the famous Bondi beach we could help ask about her surfing skills. 894471_438195642956791_730314548_o

I’m very lucky to have grown up next to the ocean and love being active and outside…I prefer to have my two feet on the ground or be swimming. I would however like to go back to Costa Rica to practice my surfing again – that’s one of my favorite places.”

Vie Active seems perfect for alpine skiing and snowboarding. Would we ever catch you on a snowboard?

“I’m still working on my skiing skills. My last trip to Whistler was amazing and I got to ski some pretty amazing powder. When I get some more time back in my life I definitely want to learn to surf and snowboard properly.”


How do you stay healthy mentally and physically?

“I try to do something active every day. More for my mental sanity than anything else. I do a combination of barre workouts, HIIT classes, soft sand running, swimming and walking my two daughters in the pram. I try to nourish my body with food that is as clean as possible simply to provide me with the energy I need to get through the day as with a 10 week old, a 2.5 year old and a new business”


We ask everyone we interview to complete this sentence… I’m happiest when…

“I am being active in nature. Whether its a hike, ocean swim or soft sand run. Nothing makes me feel more invigorated. I also can’t forget to say I love being with my family and am incredibly happy if I can be active with them.”

1374305_425962010846821_129255289_nImages supplied by Vie Active.

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The latest in fashion on the snow by OOTZ

Earlier this year Quicksilver dropped their women’s lines including DC Womens, Quicksilver Womens and Quicksilver Girls. But while these larger companies are downsizing new brands are thriving. OOTZ, isn’t just any brand. It’s a Melbourne-based up-and-coming clothing brand. You’ll start to see logos and stickers on the mountains, plus riders repping their gear. We caught up with out fav fashion designer Ting, from OOTZ, to talk about the 2013 line.


You’ve taken on a few young riders this year. Tell us about the up-and-coming riders that you’re taken on.
We’ve recently taken on Martin Longhitano who won the Open Ski event at Snow Travel Expo in Sydney. We just want to take on riders who are entering comps and doing well, but not sponsored yet. Creating a support for young riders.

What do you have to do and what kind of person do you have to be to get sponsored by OOTZ?
Riders who love to shred and their life revolves around snow. I had a guy tell me he saves his money all through summer for a season in Canada. It’s a lot of commitment financially for young guy so we try our best to help them out with gear. As we grow as a business we’ll be able to give more. We also try to do as much sponsorship on resorts as well to just give back to the community. Without the snow community and resorts there will be no OOTZ.

What’s your favourite item in the new collection?
Royal Flannel Sherpa lined Tall Hoodie. I like wearing guys designs and I get really cold so this is a perfect item for me.


These tall hoodies are actually designed for snowboarding, they use hydro fleece so they are just about water proof. Talk me through what hydro fleece actually?
Hydro fleece is a knitted in a way that beads of water will sit on the surface rather than soaking through the material straight away. It’s not waterproof as knits can’t be waterproof and still have the soft hand feel. Only wovens like nylon can be fully waterproof, but people like the comfort of fleece.

Why is it so much better than fleece?
It’s just a better option for rider who don’t really wear jackets. Instead of getting soak straight away they will have a longer time being dry.


What fiber is it made from?
80% Polyester and 20% Cotton. Hydro fleece is higher in polyester content than cotton is because higher polyester content enables the garment to be longer lasting due to it’s man-made nature, endure frequent washes and is quicker to dry than cotton fibers. The polyester yarn used is quite sheer giving it a shiny effect as well as letting us have vibrancy of colour. The colours that can be achieved with polyester and cotton is very different.


What’s it like running an expanding small business as well as working a full time job?
One word – TOUGH! Hahaa! I’m laughing so it’s all good. Actually I don’t think I could have done it if I did not start Bikram Yoga a few years ago. Through Bikram I learnt discipline and not letting your head rule over what you think is possible and impossible. At the same time taking care of your own well-being and balancing life in general. Most importantly just loving what you do so it’s not work anymore. It’s a lifestyle. ‘Ideally’ one day I would like to be only designing for OOTZ and spending all year round shredding.

What are you most stoked about the 2013 line?
I’m pretty stoked with the Hydro Fleece actually. The sheer finish and the new slimmer blocks took a lot of work with the factories. The proportion, details and colours all turned out well.


Shout out: I need to do a shout out to my business partners Tony & Julian – we are a team so 2013 line would not be possible without them. And one other very important person who I’m very grateful for is Jenny – my production lady at work. She makes my life easier by being good at what she does. We churn out hundreds of product and thousands of units each year together and without her I could not have kept my job and work on OOTZ simultaneously.

Check out the full range on the OOTZ website.

Peace, Love and Booty – Sweet Cheeks Panties


Rippers love Sweet Cheeks not only because they are sexy, but every pair sold feeds a malnourished child for a month. To do your part you can purchase a pair for $18 directly from the Sweet Cheeks website.


Here’s a few words from the founder of Sweet Cheeks and Burton rider Hannah Teter:

What inspired you to want to give to charity? I was raised in a home where I was taught that giving back was important. I’ve always seen it as a healthy way of life.

How much have you donated and where does that money go? In another project we’ve raised over $200,000 for clean drinking water in a town in Western Kenya that we sponsor.  Sweet Cheeks is still just getting going, but right now our Charity Partner is Children International.  Every pair sold raises money for them and they’re efforts to keep children out of extreme poverty.

How old were you when you started snowboarding? I started snowboarding at age 8, when my older brother let me ride his snowboard in the back yard. It kept going from there.

What’s your favourite trick of all time? I think corked 900’s are super fun to do.

Favourite place you have travelled? I love Costa Rica.


Catching up with White Ninja

We love chatting to Aussie chicks in the snow industry who are taking risks and getting creative. We caught up with Bec Layton, director of White Ninja to talk stylish bandeanies.


Hey Bec, what was your first White Ninja design and was what it for?
The very first White Ninja design was developed as a hobby and as gifts for friends. Once I realised this was a great product I set about developing one that was market ready. Four different prototypes were created for friends to wear on a trip to NZ in 2009 and get their feedback.


What’s the story behind the name? How did you come up with it?
White Ninja was born from the emotive experience of the snow and what it means to us. White was choosen to represent the visual environment and Ninja for the beauty of an art form, acceptance of nature, danger and fragility, skill, solitude, silence, peace, strength, courage and determination.


What’s the material made from?
White Ninja Bandeanies feature a water resistant cotton outer, a super soft micro polar fleece. Micro fleece has a high water resistance holding less than 1% of its weight in water and to top it off our unique lycra panel in the back.

What do you think is the best feature of product?
Definitely the Lycra panel, it makes the Bandeanie easier to fit, comfortable, sits flat under a helmet and also keeps the Bandeanie sitting up so it will stay on your face without having to adjust it.


Why did you decide to create White Ninja?
I’ve always felt this need to create and to work for myself, it’s in my blood, seems to have been a natural progression. White Ninja was born from a passion for art, design, fabrics, illustration, sports, snow and friendship. How could you not be motivated to do something that combines all the things you love. And hopefully one day be able to do it for a living.

How many years has it been running for?
White Ninja has been running since 2009, with 2010 winter being our first in market. To this day after 3 years in the market White Ninja have had no returns.

What’s you favourite thing about being a part of the snow community?
I’m amazed at how supportive everyone in the industry has been, we have a small snow community in Australia so we all know we need to work together and support each other. In saying that it is a small snow world, everyone knows everyone and that alone has been fantastic, making great friends through friends of friends cause we all have this common interest… love for the mountains.

Did you watch much Ninja Turtles when you were a kid? Could have that been an influence of starting White Ninja. If not what was it?
I am a product of the 80s and yes I did watch a lot of Ninja Turtles and remember the Xmas my brother and I were given Ninja Turtle and Splinter figurines, but not the reason for starting White Ninja.


What types of fashion on (or off) the runway inspires you?
My own fashion style is a little different to White Ninja, I love edgy street fashion. With White Ninja I try to bring across an element of fun, and most importantly practicality and comfort, I want my Bandeanies to be as comfortable as putting on your fav pair of jeans. I also choose my fabrics to match different styles, so you can choose a different Bandeanie each day to mix up our outerwear.

When did you start taking a liking to board sports?
I started skiing on school trips in high school from the age of about 15, but it wasn’t until 22 that I made the decision to do my first season and learn to snowboard.AQUA_FLY

Local resort?
Falls Creek is my home mountain and White Ninja has so much support and a great following, I love seeing so many proud ninja with big smiles on their faces when I go riding.

Favourite travel destination?
Pretty hard to pick one, I love travelling and falling in love with new cultures and places, but I would have to say there’s something to be said about the feeling you get when you are travelling home.

Where can we buy products, is it just online?
Our products are available through our online store at www.whiteninja.com.au and also through our 26 stockists around Australia and Japan, check out our stockist page on the website.


Christmas gift ideas

Struggling to think of Christmas gift ideas? We ♥ a little bit of sneaky online shopping so we thought we would share some reasonably priced gifts.

We’ve picked some snow and surf treasures so even if you’re heading north for some pow or sticking local for the sun – chances are there’s probably something here you will .

If you ♥ them as much as we do, perhaps add to your Christmas wish list 😉 All of the items below are available online – in case you want to forward them onto your Mum, boyfriend or a fellow shred sister. Just click the coloured text to be directed to the purchasing website. Happy scrolling!

1. Sambora beach toes nail polish.

Now you can enjoy twinkly toes even when you’re surfing. Sambora comes in 48 different shades of summer and it’s a local name from Freemante, WA .

Price: $18.95

2. kiki.K coral leather travel document wallet.

There’s nothing worse than running late to the airport and not being able to find important travel documents. Well thanks to kiki.K you can free your mind and stay organised whilst on your trips.

Price: $79.95

3. kiki. K 2013 A5 daily diary.

We love this colour so much because it reminds is that the only thing that is important is just to BE who we are and that that is enough. So why not look at it everyday when making plans.

Price: $44.95

4. Cheeki Stainless Steel bottles.

Ditch the plastic this summer and save the environment and your health. These aluminum bottles come in a range of different sizes and bright colours.

Price: $16.95

5. Musuc bag

There’s no need to unzip the bottom of your sleeping bag and shuffle around on those cold winter adventures anymore. This sleeping bag has arms and legs. They fold up nice and compact too.

Price: 119.00 EUR

6. Rack-It-Up

Stop hiding your boards under your bed and start a shred museum! These babies come in sizes to fit snowboards, skateboards, surfboards and wakeboards.

Price: from $23.99 for 1 set.

7. Chuckbuddies

Now you can snowboard mid week too – at your desk.

Price: $30 bucks and add shipping costs from USA.

8. Paper Sea

This brilliant quarterly magazine is the work of many talented local artists in Victoria. It showcases honest stories and critical pictures about surf, travel and art from around the world. What else would you want to read after an exhausting day on your board?

Price: Subscribe for a year for $50 bucks.

9. Tea Forté

I have sipped on a lot of tea of tea in my time and this one is by far the best. Each one is a work of art, handcrafted in our workshop amid the lush tea gardens of China and designed to infuse as much flavour and aroma as loose leaf teas. If you haven’t tried it before I would recommend the Chamomile or Mint range.

Price: $29.95 for 20 infusers.

10. Roxy ladies go girl snow backpack

This puppy is super light and comfortable, but also has loads of great pockets and an internal laptop compartment .

Price: $79.99

11. Roxy Broadway Art Series Snowboard Goggles

You’re never too old to be pretty in pink with these Roxy Goggles.

Price: Approx $100 including shipping from UK.

12. Map of the world tights

Travel the world in style.

Price: $US 49.95.

13. SKINS Snow Women’s Compression Long Sleeve Top

SKINS help increase blood flow to deliver oxygen to your active muscles. This process also reduces the build up of lactic acid, so you’ll wake up the next day ready to do it all again. Bonza!

Price: Sale $22.99 – Bargain.

14. First Love the DVD

For summer inspiration check out First Love, a local surf film about 3 girls who try to make it big in the challenging surfing world.

Price: 29.95 from Garage Entertainment.

15. And for the big spenders: Tiffany and Co.

Snowflake charm.

Spring pick from the shelves – Mons Royale Merino

Here at Now Rip This we can’t get over how sexy thermal underwear can be. Mons Royale first launched their attention grabbing and multifunction first layers in 2009. The seriously-hot threads flew off the shelves during winter and now they’ve launched an even hotter summer range. We caught up with Hamish Acland, founder of Mons Royale and asked him a few questions about his world and his brand.

Where did you grow up? I grew up on farm in New Zealand, so far from fashion world.

How old were you when you started taking a liking to snow sports? I started skiing when I was three, but i have always been into actionsports.

What does the name Mons Royale mean? That’s a bit of secret, but mons upside down spells snow.

Have you always been into style and fashion? Not at all, but I have always been into brands I and set up the Freeski Open of New Zealand back in 2005. That gave me confidence that I could pull off a big project. Thankfully my girlfriend Hannah Aubrey is the designer with Natalie Norman who heads up the production side of things.

Mons Royale started from a little brand in a small town to going global. How was the brand born? I saw a gap in the market, for tech layering with style.

What did you do professionally before creating Mons Royale? I was a ski bum/pro skier for about ten years competing in Freeride events. I also did coaching, event organising and worked in the ski media.

How many years had you been dreaming about the label before it launched in 2009? Two years, I think… I was travelling, skiing around the world and building on my idea. I would research retail stores all over the globe.

How are the sales going? We are in some 300 stores globally. More and more people are finding out about the brand and loving it.

What is your favourite Mons item and why? Depends on the day, but I wear the mens original long sleeve a lot, straight from the office into a days shredding then into five hour drive.  It’s super versatile.

Favourite place you’ve traveled? Verbier.

Finally, the models you use are super hot – do you pick them yourself? Yes I guess that is one of the perks of the job!

Where can people in Australia buy the summer collection from?

We haven’t launched the summer range in Australia, but people can get it online.

OOTZ is our Winter pick off the shelves

The boardsports loving fashion designer from Melbourne Ting Hong talks about her fresh label OOTZ.

OOTZ was created by Tony, Julian and I back in Melbourne. We were just brainstorming one day and I had this word in my head. I heard it in New Zealand when Juls & I were buying gear from this guy in Queenstown. When he said “OOTZ” we looked at each other and thought did this guy just make up this word? We thought it was sick and started using it! When I font up the word “OOTZ” I knew that was what the brand was going to be.

Our first encounter with tall tees & hoodies was in New Zealand. We picked up this hitchhiker at Snow Park and he was rocking layers of tees and hoodies. It looked pretty sick.

A tall tee says to me… style & steeze. I find it super comfy and the loose fit enables me to move. I started rocking tall tees and hoodies a few years ago and my style of riding just blended with what I wore. It makes a simple trick looks steezy!

This is our first season with the label and we are stoked with how well people have responded. Online sales are going great. Jamie at Ballistyx has been great to us and is giving us rack space! At the moment we are selling online – ootz.com.au, Ballistyx and Ski Chute 4 in Mansfield, Vic. We are working on Winter 2013 at the moment and hope to get into more stores around Australia and into New Zealand by next year.

I’ve just finished patterns and design for Tall Tees so we are working on Spring season at the moment. Winter 13 range is in the works but won’t be released till winter next year.


I started boarding four years ago. My brother Ming introduced me to it. Him and his mate would drop me off at the top of Mt Buller (our local mountain) every weekend and pick up me at lunch. First season was a struggle. I mastered the art of falling. I started loving it when I was riding with the boys. I’m loving it even more now because I’ve started hitting the park and doing tricks.

I was born in Brunei, a tropical country on the coast of Borneo and grew up in Melbourne. My family migrated here when I was nine. Where I grew up influenced my fashion design tremendously…. Where I was born and where I grew up is a world of difference. The best way to describe it is country life versus city life. Being educated in Australia has opened up a whole new world of what is possible in life. The freedom I have and the choices I can make to lead the life that I want. So I chose what I was passionate about and started a career in fashion design.

Favourite place you have travelled? My first trip to New Zealand actually blew my mind. I travel a lot for work but have not been to somewhere as picturesque as New Zealand. It’s just an amazing place. (Ting is also joining ten other girls for the Mint Chicks Progression Camp in New Zealand later this month.

Check out more from OOTZ on their Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/ootzclothes

Wear what you love – The I heart Collection

Do you fancy a hand knitted beanie that you can design yourself? In Australia for a limited time there is a genuine Scottish bloke who makes these beanies.

He is only touring Aus for a few more months (travelling) so if you want one be sure to contact him ASAP because of course he will have to schedule in some serious knitting time.

I have been advised that the I Black heart (cards) heart snow collection is only available to the select few. Otherwise choose another I Black heart (cards) design.

Rumour has it there’s a 2013 I Black heart (cards) headband range on the market too. If you would like one enquire here for prices and sizes.