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Earlier this week I decided to set myself a little challenge (it involved putting my wellness-nerd hat on). The challenge was to focus a little more self care into an area of my body that didn’t usually receive attention. I scanned my body for the right spot and very clearly my eyes were looking, no pun intended, for a little more love. Thinking about this in more detail, in nearly 30 years I really couldn’t believe I hadn’t given my eyes much self care, aside from smothering them in make-up. After all, your eyes are a super-hardworking organ. I turned to a few of my favourite expert websites to see what I could be doing more of. I’ve done the legwork for you and summarised some key areas below.

Wear Sunglasses

There are a ton of options out there with sunglasses. Basically look for a pair that protects you from the sun’s UV rays. You’ll find the SmartBuyGlasses website is a great secret weapon with quality options. You’ll likely be stopping the wrinkes later on in life too by protecting yourself from the outside elements.

Eat Your Greens. 

Raw Kale is one of the most potent lutein rich foods, which is important for good retina health. Not surprising, spinach and broccoli also have those essential vitamins and minerals, including lutein and zeaxanthin to keep your eyes healthy.

Opt for a natural mascara

Most of us think we’re pretty healthy. But that’s taking into consideration the foods we eat and not the chemicals we are putting onto our bodies. Most mascaras on the market contain some unhealthy chemicals like parabens (endocrine disruptors that have been linked to cancer), aluminum powder, propylene glycol and the list goes on… Do you really want to be putting these chemicals directly into your organs? I opt for Arbonne, it’s vegan and cruelty free.

Amp up the lighting situation

If you can, turn off the fluorescent lighting and instead use lamps with full spectrum light bulbs, especially at work. Fluorescent lights are known to increase stress and mental fatigue as well as strain your eyes and cause headaches. Full-spectrum light bulbs can help remedy this, increasing mental clarity and reducing eye strain.

Rest Your eyes

To help prevent eye strain rest your eyes from a computer or digital device every 20 minutes.

Stay Hydrated

Most of us don’t drink enough water to stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause a whole lot of health problems, but particularly with your eyes and vision.

In addition to the above, make a regular eye appointment with your local specialist!

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