Ripping up the waters in Penrith

Quick fix of adrenalin needed? If you’re not lucky enough to have a friend with a boat then cable wakeboarding is the next best thing. If you’re in or around Sydney head out to Penrith to the Cables Wake Park. Heading to Penrith could actually be an adventure in itself 😉


Generally speaking, learning the basics of wakeboarding is meant to be pretty quick. And once you get the hang of it, the board brings a whole world of fun and endless tricks to learn.

Cables Wake Park at Penrith separates the pro riders from the intermediate riders and the complete beginners with different man-made lakes. What that means for you, is that you won’t be overwhelmed and worried what the really good riders are thinking about you when you strap your board on for the first time. The staff are super helpful giving you all the right tips and heaps encouraging too. Plus you’re provided with all the equipment you need to learn. Once you’ve stepped up a level, meaning you can grasp a carving, corners, ollies and even ride switch, then you can swap your board for a pro board and hit the park features.


Pack an esky because there’s even a sweet spot to get your grill on through out the day while you watch the riders and all their tricks. If one day isn’t enough, which it most likely won’t be, it’s no worries, just stay the night.  Accommodation/wake packages are really well priced and include breakfast too. We’ll have to guinea pig that package for you on another weekend.

If we missed something jump over to the Cables website or send them an email If you’re super keen and want to leave right now the address is Cnr Mulgoa and Jamison Rds in Penrth NSW. (02) 4722 2537


These images were provided by Kelly and Kie, also pictured above.

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