Vie Active, created in the beautiful Bondi Beach.

Can you imagine creating a life of happiness and energy? Living and breathing the ocean and the outdoors? Working with and meeting inspiring people who motivate and educate you every day? Sounds like dream living, hey?  This is the reality for mother of two girls and Vie Active Founder Noa Ries. We are very excited to introduce you to her today.

Noah Ries

What does living an active life mean to you Noa?

“Living a life of happiness and energy. It sounds so simple, but being fit and eating healthy makes me much happier and a more energetic person. These days with two kids and a thriving business in start-up mode, I need all the energy I can get!”

One afternoon Noa had an epiphany: Sheridyn-ABOUT_large

“To create an active fashion range after realising I was spending my life in activewear and I would often get to the end of the day feeling cold or clammy and really quite daggy!” We’ve been there before right girls!

“I set out on a mission to create a truly technical activewear that would enable me to do an intense workout, but would also be chic and stylish enough to wear all day long.”

Noa could go on and on, about her love for Merino wool:

“Vie Active started with the finest quality Merino wool – an incredibly unique fabric and the ultimate performance fibre: it is naturally temperature regulating, anti-microbial, shape retaining, moisture wicking, odor resistant. It’s not only super soft and breathable on your skin but it also allows you to be dry, stink-free and just as comfortable after the most demanding run, yoga, or boot-camp session.”

The Noa Foundation Jacket is Noa’s favourite item and it’s where Vie Active began..

jacket“I designed it with all the product features I wanted but couldn’t find. Awesome leopard print, thumbholes, concealed racerback for ventilation, windblocking collar, chunky zippered pockets!”

You’ve come along way, do you have a motto or mantra:

“If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much room. This is something my late father always used to say and it really resonates with me. I truly believe that it is important to constantly push yourself outside your comfort zone – boundaries are only set for safety or from fear. Break down your restrictive boundaries and make a point of testing them. Push against them. Break through them! Find your edge and be FEARLESS, for every accomplishment starts with a decision to try. Be bold. Be audacious. Be fearless.”

Noa’s not the only achiever behind Vie Active…  Bryan has put in the hard yards too. Bryan was raised in both France and the USA. He’s also a former competitive extreme skier and backcountry ski guide. Not to mention he’s a cyclist and a triathlete. (Calm down ladies!)

We didn’t interview Noa for her surfing or snowboarding, but being from the famous Bondi beach we could help ask about her surfing skills. 894471_438195642956791_730314548_o

I’m very lucky to have grown up next to the ocean and love being active and outside…I prefer to have my two feet on the ground or be swimming. I would however like to go back to Costa Rica to practice my surfing again – that’s one of my favorite places.”

Vie Active seems perfect for alpine skiing and snowboarding. Would we ever catch you on a snowboard?

“I’m still working on my skiing skills. My last trip to Whistler was amazing and I got to ski some pretty amazing powder. When I get some more time back in my life I definitely want to learn to surf and snowboard properly.”


How do you stay healthy mentally and physically?

“I try to do something active every day. More for my mental sanity than anything else. I do a combination of barre workouts, HIIT classes, soft sand running, swimming and walking my two daughters in the pram. I try to nourish my body with food that is as clean as possible simply to provide me with the energy I need to get through the day as with a 10 week old, a 2.5 year old and a new business”


We ask everyone we interview to complete this sentence… I’m happiest when…

“I am being active in nature. Whether its a hike, ocean swim or soft sand run. Nothing makes me feel more invigorated. I also can’t forget to say I love being with my family and am incredibly happy if I can be active with them.”

1374305_425962010846821_129255289_nImages supplied by Vie Active.

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