Bennys Cafe, Cardrona Valley

If you’ve ever driven through the Cardrona Valley you’ve most likely seen Benny Bright’s house. You can’t miss it because there’s a randomly placed halfpipe in the front yard. Well this season Benny’s opened his house up for business – #mi casa, su casa. Now it’s also a cafe and a ski or snowboard tuning shop.


I don’t usually write about eateries, but everything about Bennys was purely rad. We were heading to Treble Cone from Queenstown and I was acting as tour guide for a half gnarly, half bogan family from Aus. I demanded we swing past Bennys on the way through to try it out for Breaky – I was hardly expecting it to be as exceptional as is it was.


Here’s a little low down of what happened: Firstly we were stopped in our tracks by Torah Bright #megababe and #supershredder. Sorry I didn’t get a photo, I needed nuts as big as bowling balls to ask for one. Shameful, I know. For those who don’t know who she is, take a look below.


Image from Torah Bright’s Facebook Page

But it wasn’t even Torah that took all the attention – it was Otis, the super-chef. As the name suggests. Otis was super friendly, welcoming, and a paperless multi-tasker. What do I mean by this? He managed to take 15 plus orders without writing anything down then prepare the meals in home-cooked perfection. All whilst having a chat about what’s good on the menu (nom nom). You know the type of guy that blokes want to have a beer with, women want to sleep with and even Nan wants to invite him over for a cup of tea? That’s Otis. Cheers bro!


Otis was wicked, but I had a Staffy crush on Cruise (Awkward that I did just admit that.) He was clearly the coolest dog in NZ. Too swanky for balls, Cruise had his own motives around Bennys  – unlike most dogs he wasn’t interested in the food. He had more fun playing outside on the halfpipe. He was to die for! ♥♥♥♥


Did you think I was actually going to get a photo of Cruise on the halfpipe? Pfft, go see him for yourself!

What else? Otis wouldn’t let us leave without trying his brownies. Otis, what did you put in those brownies? When you eat those brownies it permanently eliminates your ability to be sad about anything!

Thanks Bennys for making me look like I know my shiz around Southern Lakes. Respect to you guys opening up shop and all the best for business.

When driving through the Cardrona Valley, make sure you pop in to Bennys for a lovely visit, a coffee, a toastie, or perhaps a game of connect 4. Why? Because you can! You’ll be filled with joy when you do. Pretty soon they’ll have a liquor licence too!


Images courtesy of Bennys FB page and Tamie Wexler.

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