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Earlier this year Quicksilver dropped their women’s lines including DC Womens, Quicksilver Womens and Quicksilver Girls. But while these larger companies are downsizing new brands are thriving. OOTZ, isn’t just any brand. It’s a Melbourne-based up-and-coming clothing brand. You’ll start to see logos and stickers on the mountains, plus riders repping their gear. We caught up with out fav fashion designer Ting, from OOTZ, to talk about the 2013 line.


You’ve taken on a few young riders this year. Tell us about the up-and-coming riders that you’re taken on.
We’ve recently taken on Martin Longhitano who won the Open Ski event at Snow Travel Expo in Sydney. We just want to take on riders who are entering comps and doing well, but not sponsored yet. Creating a support for young riders.

What do you have to do and what kind of person do you have to be to get sponsored by OOTZ?
Riders who love to shred and their life revolves around snow. I had a guy tell me he saves his money all through summer for a season in Canada. It’s a lot of commitment financially for young guy so we try our best to help them out with gear. As we grow as a business we’ll be able to give more. We also try to do as much sponsorship on resorts as well to just give back to the community. Without the snow community and resorts there will be no OOTZ.

What’s your favourite item in the new collection?
Royal Flannel Sherpa lined Tall Hoodie. I like wearing guys designs and I get really cold so this is a perfect item for me.


These tall hoodies are actually designed for snowboarding, they use hydro fleece so they are just about water proof. Talk me through what hydro fleece actually?
Hydro fleece is a knitted in a way that beads of water will sit on the surface rather than soaking through the material straight away. It’s not waterproof as knits can’t be waterproof and still have the soft hand feel. Only wovens like nylon can be fully waterproof, but people like the comfort of fleece.

Why is it so much better than fleece?
It’s just a better option for rider who don’t really wear jackets. Instead of getting soak straight away they will have a longer time being dry.


What fiber is it made from?
80% Polyester and 20% Cotton. Hydro fleece is higher in polyester content than cotton is because higher polyester content enables the garment to be longer lasting due to it’s man-made nature, endure frequent washes and is quicker to dry than cotton fibers. The polyester yarn used is quite sheer giving it a shiny effect as well as letting us have vibrancy of colour. The colours that can be achieved with polyester and cotton is very different.


What’s it like running an expanding small business as well as working a full time job?
One word – TOUGH! Hahaa! I’m laughing so it’s all good. Actually I don’t think I could have done it if I did not start Bikram Yoga a few years ago. Through Bikram I learnt discipline and not letting your head rule over what you think is possible and impossible. At the same time taking care of your own well-being and balancing life in general. Most importantly just loving what you do so it’s not work anymore. It’s a lifestyle. ‘Ideally’ one day I would like to be only designing for OOTZ and spending all year round shredding.

What are you most stoked about the 2013 line?
I’m pretty stoked with the Hydro Fleece actually. The sheer finish and the new slimmer blocks took a lot of work with the factories. The proportion, details and colours all turned out well.


Shout out: I need to do a shout out to my business partners Tony & Julian – we are a team so 2013 line would not be possible without them. And one other very important person who I’m very grateful for is Jenny – my production lady at work. She makes my life easier by being good at what she does. We churn out hundreds of product and thousands of units each year together and without her I could not have kept my job and work on OOTZ simultaneously.

Check out the full range on the OOTZ website.

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