Peace, Love and Booty – Sweet Cheeks Panties


Rippers love Sweet Cheeks not only because they are sexy, but every pair sold feeds a malnourished child for a month. To do your part you can purchase a pair for $18 directly from the Sweet Cheeks website.


Here’s a few words from the founder of Sweet Cheeks and Burton rider Hannah Teter:

What inspired you to want to give to charity? I was raised in a home where I was taught that giving back was important. I’ve always seen it as a healthy way of life.

How much have you donated and where does that money go? In another project we’ve raised over $200,000 for clean drinking water in a town in Western Kenya that we sponsor.  Sweet Cheeks is still just getting going, but right now our Charity Partner is Children International.  Every pair sold raises money for them and they’re efforts to keep children out of extreme poverty.

How old were you when you started snowboarding? I started snowboarding at age 8, when my older brother let me ride his snowboard in the back yard. It kept going from there.

What’s your favourite trick of all time? I think corked 900’s are super fun to do.

Favourite place you have travelled? I love Costa Rica.


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