Catching up with White Ninja

We love chatting to Aussie chicks in the snow industry who are taking risks and getting creative. We caught up with Bec Layton, director of White Ninja to talk stylish bandeanies.


Hey Bec, what was your first White Ninja design and was what it for?
The very first White Ninja design was developed as a hobby and as gifts for friends. Once I realised this was a great product I set about developing one that was market ready. Four different prototypes were created for friends to wear on a trip to NZ in 2009 and get their feedback.


What’s the story behind the name? How did you come up with it?
White Ninja was born from the emotive experience of the snow and what it means to us. White was choosen to represent the visual environment and Ninja for the beauty of an art form, acceptance of nature, danger and fragility, skill, solitude, silence, peace, strength, courage and determination.


What’s the material made from?
White Ninja Bandeanies feature a water resistant cotton outer, a super soft micro polar fleece. Micro fleece has a high water resistance holding less than 1% of its weight in water and to top it off our unique lycra panel in the back.

What do you think is the best feature of product?
Definitely the Lycra panel, it makes the Bandeanie easier to fit, comfortable, sits flat under a helmet and also keeps the Bandeanie sitting up so it will stay on your face without having to adjust it.


Why did you decide to create White Ninja?
I’ve always felt this need to create and to work for myself, it’s in my blood, seems to have been a natural progression. White Ninja was born from a passion for art, design, fabrics, illustration, sports, snow and friendship. How could you not be motivated to do something that combines all the things you love. And hopefully one day be able to do it for a living.

How many years has it been running for?
White Ninja has been running since 2009, with 2010 winter being our first in market. To this day after 3 years in the market White Ninja have had no returns.

What’s you favourite thing about being a part of the snow community?
I’m amazed at how supportive everyone in the industry has been, we have a small snow community in Australia so we all know we need to work together and support each other. In saying that it is a small snow world, everyone knows everyone and that alone has been fantastic, making great friends through friends of friends cause we all have this common interest… love for the mountains.

Did you watch much Ninja Turtles when you were a kid? Could have that been an influence of starting White Ninja. If not what was it?
I am a product of the 80s and yes I did watch a lot of Ninja Turtles and remember the Xmas my brother and I were given Ninja Turtle and Splinter figurines, but not the reason for starting White Ninja.


What types of fashion on (or off) the runway inspires you?
My own fashion style is a little different to White Ninja, I love edgy street fashion. With White Ninja I try to bring across an element of fun, and most importantly practicality and comfort, I want my Bandeanies to be as comfortable as putting on your fav pair of jeans. I also choose my fabrics to match different styles, so you can choose a different Bandeanie each day to mix up our outerwear.

When did you start taking a liking to board sports?
I started skiing on school trips in high school from the age of about 15, but it wasn’t until 22 that I made the decision to do my first season and learn to snowboard.AQUA_FLY

Local resort?
Falls Creek is my home mountain and White Ninja has so much support and a great following, I love seeing so many proud ninja with big smiles on their faces when I go riding.

Favourite travel destination?
Pretty hard to pick one, I love travelling and falling in love with new cultures and places, but I would have to say there’s something to be said about the feeling you get when you are travelling home.

Where can we buy products, is it just online?
Our products are available through our online store at and also through our 26 stockists around Australia and Japan, check out our stockist page on the website.


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