Talking surf films with Taylor Steele

Chances are you probably know the name Taylor Steele from his inspiring surf films and beautiful Corona commercials. Taylor’s the guy who makes us want to drop everything to surf and travel. We have a love-hate relationship with him.

He has built a reputation as an influential surf film maker from his 20 years of travelling the world, following waves and making films. His latest baby “This Time Tomorrow” follows two surfers Rasta and Ando as they go on an exhausting 8-day journey to Tahiti, Mexico, California and Alaska to follow a storm cell through the Pacific Ocean. We caught up with Taylor in Melbourne after watching the film.

Where did the idea of the film come from? I’d been thinking about the idea for nearly ten years – a body boarder Mike Stewart did it in the early 90s, but he didn’t take a camera with him. After a few beers one night I started talking about the idea and then the pressure was on to do it.

Rasta and Ando are so loveable, how did you convince them to come along? I really got lucky with the cast. I convinced Craig at the last minute to come along. When we got to Tahiti it wasn’t what he was expecting.

What about the filming, did you come across any problems? When we got to Tahiti there was a competition on at the time so I couldn’t get any boats to go and film from, all my friends were booked out so we had to film from the land.

You really show the boys are exhausted in the film, what was it like for you as a film maker? When the boys went to sleep I had to book flights and plan the next part of our trip.

What about the technical part of the film, the cameras, sound, editing etc? We shot on a Red and a 7D. We just used the sound from the camera. We also used some Phantom footage and it took about two months to edit.

The film is showing at the moment in Australia and New Zealand at Hoyts Cinemas.


  1. Great Blog! great interview. I just watched Castles in the Sky (again) I think it’s my favourite surf movie ever.

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