Airport travel with a broken back. Verdict: not bad!

Emma Lovell from Lovelly Communications tells us what it’s like travelling with a broken back:

We all dread it, but apparently there’s a little bit of good in breaking your back. Thanks Em for this article.

The back brace - helping me in more ways then I would ever have imagined

When booking a ticket to Melbourne two months ago I considered the amount of work I would have at the time, assignments I had to do and various social commitments that may get in the way of my trip. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would also be dealing with the complication of a broken back.

Dreading the car trips, plane rides and airport security, I arrived at the airport on Saturday afternoon less than excited to say the least. To feel nervous before a flight was a foreign feeling to me and not one I want to experience again. I felt anxious, unsure and slightly bewildered as we approached Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport. A few deep breaths and a big hug from dad were necessary!

To my amazement, I had no need to worry. The staff at Jetstar, Australia’s fast growing domestic and international low-cost carrier, were fantastic. I was given the seat I asked for, allowed priority boarding and given advice on how to talk to Security. Things were looking up!

The next big hurdle was to be the customs checkpoint. Wearing a full body back brace is not conducive to x-ray and security machines and I was not looking forward to the thorough pat down. However, a simple mention to one of the guards about my situation and all was well. I was concerned I would have to take the brace off and there would be a big scene and pictured red alerts going off and private rooms. But no! I was told ever so kindly by one guard ” Don’t worry, you can keep your clothes on. You don’t have to strip here.” Why thank you sir, not a phrase I hear everyday thankfully, but  rather welcome at this point in time. I was able to walk through the machines as normal and to my great surprise, the metal on my frame did not set off the detector. The bionic woman is apparenly made of plastic and aluminium. Who knew!

I was helped with my bags, assisted with my check in and given priority seating. I was even upgraded to Star Class for the landing as it would be more comfortable for landing. A big thank you to the crew at both airports and the Jetstar team.  For a budget airline the service was great!

All in all, a good experience. Travelling with a back brace, not so bad!

So this traveller is giving some advice: Next time you go on a trip and are feeling a little unloved, why not don a back brace and watch the service levels soar!

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